Kaciaryna Andrejeva

Kaciaryna Andrejeva (Bachváłava) is a Belarusan journalist; in 2020, she was recognized a political prisoner. Kaciaryna was born in Minsk in 1993 in the family of journalists, historians, and philologists.
As a journalist, she started her work in 2014. From 2015 to 2017, she worked as a journalist of the Belarusan service of Radio Liberty, since 2017 — as a correspondent of the Belarusan-language independent television channel “Belsat”. Her materials were published in Ukrainian, Russian, and other foreign mass media.

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Barys Piatrovič

Barys Piatrovič is a Belarusan writer, novelist. He was born in 1959 in a small settlement near the town of Chojniki (the Homiel District) and started his career as a journalist at a Homiel-based newspaper.
Barys Piatrovič is a founder of the independent literary magazine “Dziejasłoŭ” that provides Belarusan democracy-oriented authors with a possibility to reach their audience under the conditions of the authoritarian regime in Belarus. In 2011, he was elected Chairperson of the Union of Belarusan Writers.

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Svetlana Lavochkina

Svetlana Lavochkina is a novelist, poet, and translator. She was born in Zaporizzhia and educated in Horlivka, the Donetsk District. Lavochkina immigrated to Germany in 1999 and now lives in Leipzig with her family. Her works have been widely published in the US, Europe, and Australia. Her novella, “Dam Duchess”, was chosen as a runner-up in the Paris Literary Prize. Her debut novel, “Zap”, was shortlisted for Tibor and Jones Pageturner Prize, London.
Read here from her verse novel, “Carbon” (Lost Horse Press, 2020)

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