Nadzeya Haretskaya

Nadzeya Haretskaya is a cultural projects manager, teacher, Evangelical believer.
Nadzeya was born in Lida, graduated from an economic university, but always actively participated in the organizing of cultural and educational events.
Nadzeya started writing poetry at school, particularly finding ease in the composing of fables and entertaining poems. Later, through poetry, she engaged in self-reflection and processing of external events. After the birth of children, Nadzeya actively began writing children’s poems and songs. The events of 2020 were experienced through her texts and in rhymes, striving to reflect the emotions and pain, both hers and those close to her.
At the end of 2021, due to persecutions, Nadzeya had to leave Belarus, and she faced the beginning of the full-scale war in Kyiv. Now, Nadzeya lives in Vilnius, working as a cultural projects manager.