Kaciaryna Andrejeva

Kaciaryna Andrejeva (real name – Bachvalava) is a Belarusian journalist, poet, political prisoner since November of 2020.
On 15 November 2020, Kaciaryna was arrested for her live stream from the violent crackdown of a peaceful protest in Minsk and sentenced to 2 years in prison. She was supposed to be released on 05 September 2022, but the KGB charged her with „treason against the state.“ On 13 July 2022, Kaciaryna was sentenced to 8 years and 3 months in prison for one of her old journalistic publications. Now she is in a correctional colony in Homiel.
Kaciaryna Andrejeva was born in Minsk in 1993. In 2015–2017, she worked at the Belarusian service „Radio Liberty“; since 2017 – a full-time correspondent of the „Belsat“ television channel. Co-author of the documentary book „Belarusian Donbas“ dedicated to Belarusians’ participation in the conflict in eastern Ukraine in 2014-2019.  Winner of 7 international awards in the field of journalism.
Kaciaryna is fluent in English and Spanish. She writes poems in prison.