Natalia Matolinets

Natalia Matolinets is a Ukrainian writer from Lviv, who loves travelling, coffee and art nouveau. She incorporates the myths, magic, and cultural heritage of Central and Eastern Europe into her fantasy stories. Natalia is an author of eight novels, among which are the urban fantasy trilogy Varta in the Game; Ceramic Hearts; the mythological fantasy subgenre Hessie and Amaterasu Academy; the historical novella The Alliance for the Rescue of Tiles and People and All My Keys and Gaia duology.
The circulation of Nalaia’s latest book – the second book of „All my keys and Gaia“ – was destroyed by the Russian strike at the printing house „Faktor Druk“ in Kharkiv on May 23th, 2024.
Among Natalia’s accolades are the Eurocon 2023 Chrysalis Award from ESFS and many others. Her books and short stories have been translated into various European languages and English. Natalia’s first story in English translation appeared in “Tales & Feathers” magazine in 2023. Natalia was a literary resident of the UNESCO City of Literature Prague, the Institute of Urban Culture in Gdansk, House of writers and translators in Ventspils, guest speaker of Sozopol Fiction Seminars in Bulgaria and lecturer at Litosvita, Ukraine. She participated in literary events and festivals in Czechia, Poland, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Sweden, UK, etc.