MEDIA INFORMATION October 30th, 2023


A new call for works by Ukrainian and Belarusian writers for the #FreeAllWords project has been announced

October 30th, 2023
The #FreeAllWords project opens its second season and invites Ukrainian and Belarusian writers, who continue to be creative under the conditions of Russia’s military aggression upon the territory of Ukraine and the unprecedented political repressions in Belarus, to participate. The #FreeAllWords initiative was founded by the European Writers‘ Council (EWC). The project employs translators who speak 13 European languages, and this circle is constantly expanding. #FreeAllWords condemns the crimes of the Russian state in Ukraine and aims at getting the European audience acquainted with works by Ukrainian and Belarusian authors during the horrors of the war and repressions.

The project selects works on a competitive basis. In order to participate, one has to send one’s texts (no more than 7,000 characters with spaces) marked „author“ to the address: . Both poetry and prose are accepted.

Texts that correspond to the topic of the project and which the author has exclusive rights of (not transferred to a third party) are considered in the first instance. The selection of texts is carried out by a special jury consisting of representatives of writers’ and translators’ organizations of Ukraine, Lithuania, and Belarus. After being translated into European languages, the works are presented on the project’s website and appropriate non-exclusive copyright agreements are concluded with the authors. Payments are made for each translation of original texts into a new foreign language.

Since the project aims at popularizing authors and their works, it is presupposed that the works will be published in the mass media and placed on non-commercial partner resources of the country which language this or that work is translated into.

#FreeAllWords also invites translators of Ukrainian and Belarusian literatures into European languages to participate. In order to participate in the project, it is necessary to send a short résumé marked „translator“ to the address:

The #FreeAllWords project has existed for more than a year, during this time more than 130,000 words of Ukrainian and Belarusian authors have been translated into 13 languages – Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish.

The contact group of the #Freeallwords project is

Find out all about the project on the #Freeallwords project website.