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John Farndon

    John Farndon (born in 1960) is a British writer of books, plays, and music.
    He studied Earth sciences and English literature at Jesus College, Cambridge University, a Fellow of the 'Royal Literary Fund' at City and Guilds (London).
    John Farndon is also known for his translations of literature from Eurasia, including plays for the Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings (2022).
    He has written over a thousand of works on science, nature, and other topics, which were translated into many languages and shortlisted five times for the Junior Science Book Prize.
    He was a co-winner of the “2019 EBRD Literature Prize” for translating the poetry by the Uzbek writer Hamid Ismailov - The Devil’s Dance, and a finalist for the “2020 US PEN translation award” for his translation of the Kazakh writer Rollan Seysenbaev’s “The Dead Wander in the Desert”.

Hanna Komar

    Hanna Komar is an award-winning poet, translator, and civic activist from Belarus, a member of the PEN Belarus and the Union of Belarusan Writers, an honorary member of the English PEN. She has published three poetry collections. Some of her works have been translated into Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Czech, and English.

    In 2020-2022, Hanna participated in the Belarusan protests and wrote about it extensively; her texts were strongly political, but remained emotional and honest. She received the “Freedom of Speech 2020 Prize” from the Norwegian Authors’ Union (together with Dmitry Strotsev, a Belarusan poet).

    Hanna is currently taking an MA in Creative Writing: Writing the City at the University of Westminster in London.

Ángela Espinosa Ruiz

    Ángela Espinosa Ruiz is a translator, poet, and researcher. She was born in Málaga and graduated the University of Granada; she has a master’s degree in Belarusan Philology from the University of Warsaw. She also has a music diploma (Professional Degree in Piano Interpretation).
    Nowadays, Angela is a lecturer at the University of Warsaw, teaching courses in the Belarusan language and literature, the Spanish language, and world literature.
    Ángela is an active participant of international conferences and congresses in the humanities and an honorary member of the Union of Belarusan Writers, having published four literary anthologies in the Belarusan language and a bilingual (Spanish-Belarusan) poetry anthology of selected works by Maksim Bahdanovič, as well as several translations and literary works in collective anthologies.
    She obtained a PhD in Literary Studies at the Complutense University in Madrid, having graduated summa cum laude after the defense of her dissertation, “Folklore-Inspired Symbolism in the Prose of J. Barščeŭski and G. A. Bécquer” on September 4th, 2019.